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[Christian Art] The Laudamus Award 2024 for Sacred Art

supported by John J. Studzinski CBE


First Prize Winner will Receive £25,000

Christian Art presents the 2024 Laudamus Competition. This prestigious award is a testament to the profound impact of sacred art as a means of praising God in the modern world. In a landscape where contemporary expression meets timeless spirituality, the Laudamus Award seeks to honour artists who skillfully capture the essence of Christian themes, transcending traditional boundaries and embracing diverse styles.


Open to artists of all levels, ages, faiths and backgrounds. One entry per person.



First Prize Winner will receive £25,000



All submissions must be received by 1 May 2024


Artwork Specifications

Submissions can encompass a wide range of Christian themes, such as biblical narratives, saints, Christian symbolism, or contemporary reflections on faith.

Artists are encouraged to explore creativity in their chosen mediums – painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital art, and more.

Dear Artists,

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Laudamus Award, an opportunity for today’s creative minds to express their faith, devotion, and spirituality through the powerful medium of art. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic amateur, we invite you to share your unique vision of Christian themes, stories, symbols or saints.

We encourage artists to explore the depth and breadth of Christian faith, drawing inspiration from sacred texts, historical events, saints, and the profound teachings of Christianity. Your artwork can embrace a variety of styles and mediums – from traditional paintings and sculptures to digital art and mixed media. This award not only celebrates artistic proficiency but also acknowledges the profound connection between art and worship. Through a careful selection process, the Laudamus Award recognises the ability of artists to inspire, uplift, and invite contemplation on the divine.

All details can be found on the Christian Art Website.


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