Next Arts+Europe Zoom-Gathering Friday, 14th May 2021

For leaders and representatives of Christian-based Art initiatives and ministries in Europe.

A great opportunity for arts leaders around Europe to gather once again via Zoom to deepen relationships, welcome new people and share what is happening currently in your ministries. A chance to learn from each other’s experiences.



We are very thankful for the growing Arts+ Europe community and for the wider global interest developing… which is amazing. Thanks for your collaboration and support.


In our last call in February 81 leaders across the globe participated, representing 40 nations.

Read a short report incl. a video interview with conductor Delta David Gier here.

Methods and Questions:

In our calls during this challenging year 2021 we want particularly to foster 

“connection” and “community” through: 

  • simply getting together,

  • listening to one and another,

  • sharing failures and successes we experience,

  • building regional alliances and language groups all over Europe and beyond etc.

  • And most importantly, by asking questions such as:

    • As a leader what is the single most important thing that God has taught you over the last year or years?

    • What is going well for you in your arts ministry / organisation?

    • How are you developing younger leaders in your organisation?

    • How have you been collaborating with others over the last year?

    • What have you learned from collaborating with others? 

    • What does it mean to be a leader? etc.

Target Group:

Arts+Europe invites leaders and representatives of Christian Art Initiatives and individual artists who have a passion for networking and for the common goal of forward progress in the sphere of the arts and faith. 

Our Special Guests in May:

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Nadia, Matt and Lawan on the Panel Discussion: 


Nadia Molugova is Founder and Director of “Florence Classical Arts Academy” in Florence, Italy (https://www.artac.org) and New Renaissance Foundation. Download the ARTAC-Folder here!

Her vision is “Empowering and training the students to gain the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for becoming a professional in the field of Visual Arts.”

Nadia graduated in «Graphic Design» at Grekov Art College, Rostov-on-Don, National Diploma in Graphic Design; and in DTS and SBS courses at University of Nations, Rostov-on-Don branch. She holds a Diploma of Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan ("Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera") and a Master's degree of "Academy of Fine Arts", Florence, Italy ("Accademia di Belle Arti").

Matt Swanton is the Head of Creative Ministries with OM in Belgium. He is exploring the connections between church community and local creative culture, hosting multi-disciplinary performances and exhibitions that tell gospel-inflected stories, and resourcing and supporting Christian artists to embed themselves into their local arts networks. He is also a musician and producer, working to release Flemish expressions of worship in song, while collaborating with artists across Belgium and Europe.

Matt is from Melbourne, Australia. Passionate about the discovery and release of minority-culture worship songs, gathering community around shared creativity, and encouraging the creation of gospel-inflected art for the world. Gets particularly geeky over obscure hipster indie rock music, creating weird and wonderful sounds with whatever musical instruments are within reach, and spotting God's redemptive grace reflected in pop culture. Married to Femke, father to Audrey and Evelyn.


Lawan Glasscock is Executive Director of “CIVA” (Christians in the Visual Arts), working internationally (https://civa.org). CIVA exists to explore the profound relationship between art and faith by providing opportunities to share work, fostering intelligent understanding within the Church, and establishing a Christian presence within the secular art world.

Lawan is a Texan who has called Tuscany her adopted home for

30+ years. With degrees in Political Science (BA), Anthropology(MA), Classical Archaeology(PhD) and Advanced Certificate of Museum Studies, Lawan recognizes that she makes a better advocate than artist. Lawan brings an ecumenical awareness that today’s art will be tomorrow’s artifacts; and as Christians we are bestowed with an obligation to influence culture with the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

of Christ. 


Check your time zone:

Pacific Time (Vancouver/Canada):  9am

Central Standard Time (USA: Minnesota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin):  11am

Eastern Standard Time (e.g. USA: North Carolina, Canada: Toronto, Woodstock):  12pm

Greenwich Mean Time (e.g. United Kingdom):  17:00

Central European Time (e.g. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland):  18:00

Eastern European Time (e.g. Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania):  19:00

Standard Time (e.g. Australia: Melbourne):  02:00 (2am) - Sorry :-(


  • Welcome (John Baker)

  • Introduction of Arts+Europe (Beat Rink)

  • Panel Session with Nadia Molugova, Matt Swanton and Lawan Glasscock (Jill Ford)


  • Breakout sessions in regional and/or language groups (10 at the same time)

  • Top thoughts of Breakout Sessions

  • Announcements (Jim Mills)

  • Resources (Jim Mills)

  • Final Blessing (Amy Williams)


So now is the time to register in order to be part of this ARTS+ Europe call in May.

We kindly ask you to fill in the registration form (click on the link) preferably before Friday, 7th May!

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The call will take place via Zoom on Friday, 14th May from 18:00-20:00 (Central European Time). 

Please allow approximately 2 hours for the meeting. 

We encourage you to be online 10 minutes prior to that, so that we can start on time.   Registration is required!







Executive Leadership Team:

John M. Baker, Dianne Collard, Jill Ford, Jim Mills, Beat Rink, 

Verena Schnitzhofer, Krisztina Tarjányi, Amy Williams