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Video of ARTS+Coffee and Connect Call (7 June 24)

Watch here our Coffee and Connect Call from 7 June 2024, which took about one hour (shorter here as lightly cut).

Dive into minute...

02:39 - What is ARTS+?

05:39 - Dr Jim Mills of Creative Arts Europe speaking about challenges for leaders in the Arts.

27:00 - Newest ARTS+ Resources and Events

39:11 - Final Prayer and Blessing (alongside Psalm 150)

Watch video here:

See you at our next Coffee & Connect Call on 4 November - find all details here.

Please check your time zone! 

Eastern Standard USA: 09:00-10:00

UK: 14:00-15:00 am 

Central Europe: 15:00-16:00 

Eastern Europe: 16:00-17:00  

The idea is simple:

  • Prepare your cup of coffee or tea 

  • find a comfy seat,

  • and let’s meet online!  

Special Guest in November: TBD

Agenda for "Coffee Call":  

  • Meet, eat, and greet 

  • Meet the Authors/ Contributors 

  • ARTS+ Updates and Resources

  • Time to ask questions, connect and reconnect 

  • Pray together



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