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Arts+ was started by leaders of Christian art initiatives who recognize the importance of being connected.

It comprises a group of visionary arts advocates and leaders who collaborate in order to catalyze forward progress in the arts landscape across Europe.

Inspired by “Hope for Europe,” national round tables were formed, first in Switzerland. In 2009 the European Arts Summit at Schloss Mittersill hastened an expansion of the European-wide network and a sharpening of the vision.


The Arts+ network and vision continue to expand across Europe focusing on the spheres of the Church, Artists, Academia/Education,

and the Marketplace.

It is informed by a Christian/Biblical worldview, and carried out for the glory of God.




Arts+ is a network of Christian art initiatives which enables regional, national, and international “RoundTables”

for the purpose of information exchange, mutual encouragement, and co-operation. 

“The intelligent public is waiting to hear from art what it does not hear from theology, philosophy, and social theory and what it cannot hear from pure science.  A broader, fuller, more coherent, more comprehensive account of what we human beings are, who we are, and what this life is for."

(Dr. D. A. Carson, NT Theologian / Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)



The focus of ARTS+ is to act as a catalyst in the formation and nurturing of local or national round tables. These comprise Christian faith-based art initiatives across all art forms and denominational borders, who are active in art education, mentoring of artists, art & church projects, media, missions, etc. 


Arts+Europe* has met every year for the past ten years in a different country in Europe, with the aim of encouraging the ongoing formation of National RoundTables. This resulted in synergistic collaborations in the fields of Church, Market Place, the Academic World, new creative mission strategies, and Artist’s Mentoring. 


*Arts+Europe RoundTable is the trans-European steering group behind the vision-mission statement.


Executive Leadership Team

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Beat has founded with his wife Airi, “Crescendo International” and has lead this movement since 1985. He is a theologian and ordained pastor of the Swiss Reformed church and has also a M.A. in literature and history. He has written several books and also his own poetry. He is president of ARTS+ Switzerland.

Verena Schnitzhofer


Admin Person for Arts+Europe. Verena works as Executive Assistant for the Quo Vadis Institute 

(Salzburg, Austria) which inspires and connects thought leaders in the guilds of e.g. Arts, Healthcare, Business and Religion to rethink and shape the future of Europe.




Actress, Leader of the Sostenuto Department of the Crescendo Summer Institute, works with Crescendo International and Crescendo Hungary. 

Amy Williams


Amy is a dancer and a theologian who is passionate about connecting artists and the church. Originally from the USA she now lives in Budapest representing the Inspiro Arts Alliance (formerly OMArts) in Europe.





John organised the European Arts Summit 2009 in partnership with Beat Rink, Colin Harbinson and Jim Mills. Since then he has organised all the Annual Meetings of Arts+Europe and pursued, with the Leadership Team, the formation of RoundTables of Artists in various European countries. He and his wife, Heather are members of The Royal Academy of Art in London and are avid Gallery visitors wherever they travel. John pursues photography as an artistic outlet. He is a Board member of QVI.





Dianne serves as the Europe Director for Artists in Christian Testimony International

 She is also the Founder/Director of ArtsCharlotte in the U.S.

She is an international speaker and the author of

“I Choose to Forgive.”, which is available in eleven European languages.

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Arts Programme Leader, Lecturer and Tutor at All Nations since 2002. Jill has a background in music, theatre and performing arts and experience in teaching, performing, conducting, directing and orchestral playing. She has designed and developed the Arts modules for the All Nations curriculum at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has introduced a variety of creative projects and events at the college, including multicultural worship. Jill has recently completed a Doctorate in Worship Studies at the Robert Webber Institute in Jacksonville, Florida.




Jim along with his wife Anne oversee the missional network of Creative Arts Europe.

Jim is also Chairman of Creative Missions International (CMI)  based in Waterloo, Belgium. They have served as missionaries since 1976 to Europe as Bible Teachers, worship leaders, songwriters and pastors for artists.

Extended Leadership Team

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Support team

Wife of John Baker who assists him in his Arts+ organising and hosting.

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Advisory Board

Director of OM Inspiro Arts Alliance

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Advisory board

Bill serves as the International Director of Catalytic Ministries for Operation Mobilization.



Advisory board

Colin is the International Director of StoneWorks, a Belhaven College arts initiative. 




Extended Leadership


President of Bridge Builders International. 




Extended Leadership Team

Performance Artist, Choreographer, Cultural Worker. Is in the leadership team of Arts+Switzerland.

La Rivière
Extended Leadership Team

Chairman Christian Artists, author of 28 books about the arts and faith. Founder of The Continental Singers groups in Europe; Speaker; Lector of the Masterclass Cultural Leadership; Chairman of the national music council.




Leadership Team

Baptist Pastor, based in Latvia and Teaches at the Baltic Pastoral Institute.





Table Leader 

Artistic director of the Aslan Theatre Troupe. Hector has directed classical plays and written and produced his own plays. Artistic director and founder of Ars Escuela de Música y Artes Escénicas in Madrid. Patron and founder of the Ars Vitalis Foundation (together with his wife Lilli and their son Danny).





Founder and director of “Ellion Arts” – Christian artist organization for culture and intercultural dialog in Bulgaria. Zdravka is Art-historian, curator of fine art exhibitions and manager of art events and art festivals. 



Support Team 

Opera singer and general director of the Crescendo Summer Institute, Hungary. Works with Crescendo International and Crescendo Hungary.





Pastor with a heart for artists. Steve is the former director of the Pavé d’Orsay arts space in Paris. He also serves as an adjunct professor at two universities and along with his wife Miki is developing an artists retreat in Normandy.