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Crescendo Events

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4th Crescendo Lounge

on 17th of March: Artistic Boundaries

February - June 2022


Global initiative (One Location is Hsinchu City, Taiwan)

4 Month Course over 2 Locations

Incarnate is an artist’s journey of discipleship, theology and cross-cultural ministry.

  • Grow in your skill as an artist or curator and understand the significance of your artistry in God’s eyes

  • Learn the theology of creativity and arts in the kingdom of God

  • Develop an approach for engaging the world through your creativity—particularly as a cross-cultural servant to the least-reached and marginalized

  • Work alongside experienced cross-cultural artists practicing ministry in a variety of contexts

  • Explore new ways to express, challenge and encourage yourself and others through art

Two-month residency of coursework, studio time and community life.
Two-month placement collaborating with local artists alongside an OM team.

Website: Incarnate (by Inspiro Arts Alliance)

Online: 12th January - 5th May, 2022
Online Intensive: 21st March - 31st March, 2022

Arts and Trauma Healing Course 


This course is delivered in partnership with Dallas International University and the Trauma Healing Institute, both based in America. It fosters a holistic interactive approach, engaging Scripture within the healing process for people who suffer from the mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of trauma. It combines biblical truths with basic mental health principles expressed in ways that can be easily translated into other languages. This course will emphasize the importance of performing and visual arts in trauma healing.

Wendy Atkins & Mary Beth Saurman are tutors this course.

Website "Arts and Trauma Healing Course"

17 June 2022 (postponed from 12 June 2021)

"Night of Faith"

Basel / Switzerland

2022 is the year of the third edition of «Nacht des Glaubens» ("Night of Faith"). Live music and various other artistic shows about "God and the world" on Basel´s big squares, theatres, event locations and churches...

Website "Night of Faith"

10-15 July 2022

Arts For A Better Future Course 

All the arts, from all the world, for all of God’s purposes.


The Arts for a Better Future training course is focused on community arts for God‘s purposes and how to create local artistry. During the course we will lead you through a seven stage process of researching and creating local arts with a community. The flexible process is designed so that you can help others draw on their own artistic resources and plan for a future more like God’s kingdom.

Dr Jill Ford tutors this course.

Website "Arts For A Better Future Course"

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