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Residency for Musicians and Theologians in Brussels

A study cycle named Doing and Listening to Music invites you to a residency for musicians and theologians to Brussels, 8-12 May. Jeremy Begbie will be part of it and will give two lectures and lead a workshop.

What happens when theology meets music?

This strange question led a rapper and a theologian to set up an exciting project, inspired by Jeremy Begbie’s work: launching a big conversation between artists, church leaders, teachers, music professionals and aficionados.

After attending online seminars from September thru March, all participants will finally gather in May, to explore and discuss the complementarity between music and theology.

Multiple conferences, workshops and musical performances will take place in a beautiful venue in Brussels. A perfect opportunity to exchange views and share reflections in a collaborative spirit. Mr Begbie will be the main guest in this event that will be held from May 8 to 12, 2024 at the Château d'Argenteuil (Belgium).

Please find all details on the website of IMAGO DEI France.


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