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Empowering Missional Marketplace Artists

by Dr. Jim Mills

 Sower After Millet, 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh
Sower After Millet, 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh

"Empowering Missional Marketplace Artists" by Dr. Jim Mills explores the tactical significance for the western church across Europe to be more intentional in affirming and empowering artists of faith. The essay deals with the vision and the character, which are essential to the empowerment process for service.

Dr. Jim Mills, along with his wife Anne, have served in Europe since 1976 as missionaries focusing on worship, the arts and serve as pastors for believing artists across the European continent. Jim is a co-founder and overseer of the missional network, Creative Arts Europe (, which spans 15 nations and has branches in Belgium, Germany, Finland. Jim speaks in seminars, churches, colleges and conferences to nurture a Biblical worldview for the empowerment of artists of Faith.

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This original essay was written and adapted for publication by Jim Mills in 2007 for his DMin studies in leadership with Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS and Highly Theological College in Dingwall, Scotland.

Original Copyright Date © 2007 edited and updated 2020 by Dr Jim Mills Creative Missions International, Inc.. USA Administrative Office: 404 Bill Court, Ovilla, TX75154. Not to be reproduced in any way without written permission.


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