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Art of Faith Festival in Belgium in May 2024

Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th of May 2024

Kloosterstraat 81, 2880 Bornem, Belgium

Our Vision:

The Art of Faith Festival is a Christian Festival where Music and Art inspires, where young and old meet, and where experiencing your faith feels like coming home.

A unique weekend in the outdoors that is about the ‘art of faith‘:

looking for (and finding) on the faith journey that everyone is called to.


The Art of Faith Festival is a casual environment where Christian faith can be experienced. Christian music, workshops, sports and games, in all forms and expressions of creativity and facilities to spend the night make this festival experience one of a kind.

Internationally known bands and little-known local gems: the common theme is Christian music. Music offers an accessible context and offers in and of itself something that connects. It brings people together, and that is what we are about. Because when people come together and meet each other in God’s Spirit then something significant happens. 


The Art of Faith Festival wants to make a true coming together possible, to learn from each other about God. This is the reason we want to focus on moments to meet as well as space to share and pray together. This experience will of course be offered accompanied by good food and drinks. 

At the same time, we would like that this festival becomes a witness of unity among Christians. Young or old, Catholic or Protestant; all are different, but all are one in Christ. It is this exceptional unity that we would like to experience, celebrate and show to the world with the Art of Faith Festival.


The Art of Faith Festival is a place where people can feel that they are not alone.They are not alone as a person and not alone as a Christian.It is the place where people can be built up and encouraged by the fellowship and through the contemporary Christian music, seminars and testimonies. 

We want the festival to be a place where people experience new dimensionsof God’s love and grace. Where you are encouraged to find your place in society,to make it your own and to give it a new dimension of purpose. We want to give people tools to shape their own personal faith,and to be salt and light in their own circles. 

The Art of Faith Festival is being organized by the non-profit organization vzw He Is Alive 

together with a group of partner organizations from several different church backgrounds.

All information and tickets here:


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