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[Ars Sacra] View 2007-2023 in pictures!

The newest folder of the Ars Sacra Festival, a sacred art festival with concerts, talks, exhibitions etc. is out!

6634 Events in 17 Years with more than 947.000 visitors!

After Paris, Vienna, Lisbon and Brussels Budapest organized City Mission in 2007, which provided us the aspirations and enthusiasm to launch a civil initiative. Since then, every year during the third week of September for 9-10 days, we offer an increasingly colorful artistic series of programs, based on the inexhaustable heritage of European Judeo-Christian culture. The events are organized all over the country (Hungary) and beyond the borders as well. The purpose of our mission is also to advocate true eternal values in a world that is in crisis.

With this post we want to honor the three main organisers:


"Ars Sacra is a consubstantial trinity of Márta and Ildikó and Ilcsi, the three faces of the same spirit, and the fireball constantly circulating between them, which is love, the power that holds the Sun and all the stars together, because people can live without art, but what for...” [ János Lackfi | Poet ]

Download the Folder here:

Ars Sacra Festival 2007-2023
Download PDF • 4.39MB

Please also learn more of this beautiful organisation by visiting this website: Ars Sacra Foundation.

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