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Why Art Matters: A Call for Christians to Create

By Alastair Gordon

SPCK / 2021 / PAPERBACK, 128p.

In a world of turmoil, art matters more than ever. Art can bring about political action, even social revolution. Art reminds us of the things that really matter. It lifts our eyes to eternity and show us the importance of the here and now.

With illustration from contemporary art and reference to theatre and film, this book shows the importance of art for all, not just the professionals. Creativity helps humans to flourish and reflects the character of a creative God.

This is a book to return to time and again for inspiration and encouragement. Illustrated by author Alastair Gordon, Why Art Matters encourages us to embrace creativity at home, church, in play and professionally in the creative arts and industries.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Alastair Gordon is an award-winning artist and founding director of Morphē Arts, a Christian charity that mentors emerging artists. His art can be seen in galleries and art fairs around the world and his writing in various art journals and magazines. He lectures at art schools across the UK and a regular speaker at Christian festivals and conferences such as World Alive, Keswick and Soul Survivor.

PRESS REVIEWS In this marvellous and beautiful book, painter Alastair Gordon answers the question, not with a justification, but instead with a multifaceted celebration. Like the many genres of art and the myriad ways they enrich us, Gordon lets bloom a thousand and one answers to the question. And every one is an invitation--"Come and see!"--to a richer world and a better way to be human. - James K.A. Smith, Calvin University; editor in chief, Image journal; author of 'You Are What You Love' and 'On the Road with Saint Augustine'

A breath of fresh air! Ally's book and his art call us to reject the lies and see reality as it is: God’s reality. - Mark Meynell, Director (Europe and Caribbean), Langham Preaching

A timely appreciation of the importance and significance of the visual arts. - Philip Archer, OBE

Suffused with wisdom, joy and wonder - Makoto Fujimura, artist and author of 'Art+Faith: A Theology of Making'

Deeply personal and heart-warming… a ‘must-read’ for creative students - Lois M Adams, UCCF Arts Network Coordinator

This is not just a book for lovers of art. This is a book for everyone ... beautifully crafted, Biblically rooted and, at times, painfully vulnerable. - Phil Knox, author of Story Bearer and Head of Mission to young adults, Evangelical Alliance

Just the book we need in these days when many of us are filled with self-doubt and pessimism - James Paul, director of L’Abri Fellowship England and author of ‘What on Earth is Heaven?’


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