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The Theology of Making: Art & Faith

by Makoto Fujimura (Author) [Book Review by Dr Jim Mills]

About 4 years ago Anne and I were privileged to connect with Makato Fujimuri, at an arts & faith seminar in Indianapolis. What impressed me about this celebrated gifted abstract visual creative, was that it was obvious that neither via his words nor his works was he attempting to impress anyone. He truly practiced what he spoke about. Art for him was about caring for and enriching our world. It was about nurturing the human heart and ultimately contributing a message of hope and life through all he created. He spoke quite “matter-of -fact-ly” about the gift of art and that God was truly the greatest artist of all artists.

Thus far, I have only scanned Makato's book (plan on reading throughout when it arrives by post) I have sensed this servant creative has something significant to say as a follower of Jesus that will resonate in each and every artist focused on making art that touches the heart of God and humankind.

Finally, a review of Makato’s book by Joel Clarkson, a writer and composer pursuing a PhD in theology at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, said it well and it is worth sharing briefly here:

“Fujimura suggests, by thinking of our faith lives through the lens of “creating” rather than “fixing,” since our ultimate hope is one of “New Creation” rather than mere “restoration” of the world as it is. The foreword for Art and Faith comes from Anglican theologian N. T. Wright, and it is no surprise to find Wright’s theology referenced often throughout the book. Fujimura’s approach neatly dovetails with Wright’s vision of a creation destined for re-creation. Fujimura takes up that redemptive anticipation and reads it through the lens of making, showing how our acts of creativity attest to God’s heart in creation and his intent for the new creation to come.”

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