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Prayer: We pause to address You

By Dr. Dianne B. Collard Baker (Closing Prayer at Arts+ Zoom Gathering 17th October 2020)

Photo Credit: Greg Rakozy | Unsplash

As we come to these final moments, we pause to address You, our all-powerful Creator God and all-gracious Heavenly Father.

Months of dreaming, planning and praying have preceded this event and we come to you now with hearts overflowing with gratitude for all You’ve done. How amazed we are that you’ve chosen in our generation to quicken this movement of artists-of-faith to serve you around the world. And you allow us to participate in your sovereign plan. Thank you, Lord.

Lord, today we heard of possibilities and challenges from the leaders of this movement, especially focused on the continent of Europe. We’ve met potential friends and colleagues. The variety of expressions—both in artistic genres and methods—are astounding. All reflect the infinite imagination of You, dear Father. Thank you.

We pray for those who expressed hurts and disappointments. May You, our Father, be the God of all comfort, dear Lord. Perhaps, Father, you would even use one of us to be an encouragement and source of new ideas for such colleagues.

Father, if the pandemic has taught us anything, we have learned that we are not meant to flourish in isolation. We are meant to live and work in community—in networks of both similar and those with drastically different experiences and purpose. This is the heart of Arts +Europe, Father, to encourage such networks in every region of Europe and our world, so that we might work together in furthering your Kingdom work through the arts. Help us in the days ahead to make this a reality, not merely a one-time Zoom discussion.

And Father, I would close with a prayer echoing one from the Lectio 365 daily devotional guide as I pray for the individual artists you’ve placed in our care: “God, I pray for the artists, the photographers, chefs, designers, architects, musicians, authors, and playwrights, for all who create and cultivate beauty. Give them eyes to see the beauty you have created on the earth. May they be bold messengers—carrying beauty through their craft. May they curate spaces of flourishing for us all. Lord, we choose not only to bloom where you have planted us, but also cultivate that place. Thank-you for the invitation to co-create with you—to create space where others can grow and flourish.”

And, finally, joining with the cry of thousands around the world in 24/7 prayer movement, we bring this session to an end by pleading, “Father, help me to live this day to the fullest, being true to You, in every way. Jesus, help me

to give myself away to others. Spirit, help me to love the lost, proclaiming Christ in all I do and say.”

And may you, our Father, be glorified,


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