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Prayer: Bind us together Lord

By John Baker (Closing Prayer at Arts+ Zoom Gathering 20th February 2021)

Photo Credit: Peter F. on Unsplash

Dear Lord:

Bind us together with common purpose to manifest the wonders and glory of your Kingdom

Break us, Mould us, Make us into Kingdom Bringers whose lives and Art speak a unique language to a needy world:

May our Dancer’s movements reflect the movement of the Spirit

May our Visual artists leave their marks on the world

May our Music makers bring the sounds and songs of Heaven to earth

May our Actors show how all are needed to play their part in the Creation

May our Chefs bring a taste of Heaven

May our Architects create spaces that speak of the many rooms in our Father’s House

May all these and more unite in bringing human flourishing and glorious visions of the coming Kingdom

Bind us together Lord, Bind us together.....

In Jesus’ Name.....


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Closing prayer
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