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Artists in Residence [France]: "La Pommeraie" in Normandy / France

Partners of Arts+ Europe

Steve and Miki Thrall have been involved in ministry in Paris since March 1988. For more than a decade, their primary role has been with artists and the Paris arts community. Now living in "La Pommeraie" (the Apple Orchard) in Normandy - which sits on 2.5 acres of land surrounded by small farms on all sides - they offer more than a place to live for artists... Their goal is to care for, encourage and accompany artists both in their art and their spiritual growth.

They want to provide: - a place to receive creatively gifted people who work in a wide variety of artistic disciplines. - a warm, welcoming environment where they can find rest and restoration physically, spiritually and emotionally. - an environment where artists will find encouragement and time to reflect. - a place that incites them to use their imagination and God-given creative gifts to produce new work.

There are three beautiful buildings and you can be hosted there:

Check their website:

The Thralls work alongside A.C.T. (Artists in Christian Testimony International).


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