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Inspiration needed? Visit!

Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker (editor-in-chief of and the ArtWay-team produces and provides a lot of different content, 'a treasure chest of inspirational arts resources and enjoyment.'

Secondly, they offer weekly 'Visual meditations' for free. You can get more infos and subscribe by clicking here.

Thirdly, Advice! Maybe you are looking for an image for a church publication or an artwork on your wall. Or maybe you are looking for materials for a paper or an article about an artist or a certain subject. Or your church wants to change the interior of the church, or is looking for an architect or an artwork. ArtWay is happy to try and help you find what you are looking for.

ArtWay´s Vision is to 'Inform and open eyes'; works interdenominational and globally and stimulates dialogue.

Check their website to learn and experience more:

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