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[Book] Still Creating: Learning to rest while pursuing your art

by Jörn Lange

recommended by Dr Jill Ford (ARTS+)

"How can you allow yourself to rest in a world that treats exhaustion like a badge? How can you find rest in the swirl of your everyday? Jörn answers these questions by looking at the Scriptures. The Bible shines a lot of light on the various meanings of rest and gives us permission to follow God’s example to rest. As creatives we live in the centre of God’s will, the One who described Himself first and foremost as the one who creates! The fifty-three activations in this book, based on what the Old and the New Testament say about rest, show the various types of rest and how to learn to rest while pursuing your art. Be inspired by the stories of fellow artists who learned to create from rest. Come find what God did on the seventh day in the way you need it. Find it in your own creative language."  

Quote taken from Amazon.


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