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[Book] Imagination Manifesto

by Ted Turnau, Ruth Naomi Floyd

Recommendation by Steve Thrall (ARTS+ Europe)

A practical manifesto for why and how the church can foster better creativity in engaging our world, through supporting Christian artists and cultural creativity.

Summary of Imagination Manifesto

Ted Turnau introduces readers to the major themes of his in-depth Oasis of Imagination by collaborating with Ruth Naomi Floyd. Floyd brings her distinctive experience as a Christian artist to make this a practical guide that distils the "why" and "how" of embracing Christian creative cultural engagement.

Why does the church need to pay more attention to the imagination? How can we, in this day and age, best enter our cultural conversations for the common good? How can the local church better support its creatives, enriching its own imaginative life and building bridges to their neighbours and the wider culture?

Whether you are a Christian artist or creative yourself, or an everyday Christian searching for a path beyond the culture wars and Christian bubble, Imagination Manifesto will give you biblical foundations, practical pointers, discussion starters, and inspiration for "planting oases" in today's culture.

Publication Date: 20 Jul 2023

Publisher: IVP

Words: 25000

Page Count: 160

Author: Ted Turnau|Ruth Naomi Floyd

ISBN-13: 9781789744736, 9781789744743

Press Reviews

"This is the imaginative manifesto the church needs! For creatives struggling with feeling misunderstood and invisible. For churches who want to engage with their creative folk and culture but feel afraid or out of their depth. This book is it! Funny, self deprecating, insightful and something I wish the younger me had been able to read, when I was fresh out of an environment which saw pop culture as something to be feared and protected from. It can act as guide to parents, on why we want to equip, not shrink wrap our young people. It shows the value of sitting with the discomfort and weight of the questions that art can bring. It also has great practical tips for churches and individuals on supporting their creatives, because as Ted and Ruth so clearly show: The church and creatives. We need each other."

- Sophie Killingley, artist

For many years, I have been deeply grieved that conservative Christians in the English-speaking world have tended to undervalue, or even disdain, the arts and artists. This book is the most engaging and persuasive argument I’ve encountered for why the church needs artists and why artists need the church. Reading this was a total joy.

- Tony Watkins, Fellow for Public Engagement, Tyndale House

All quotes taken from IVP.


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