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[Arts+ Switzerland]: Artists in Residence: "Casa dell’Arte"

Partners of Arts+ Switzerland

The unique atmosphere, hospitality and creative and spiritual potential of Campo Rasa have touched and inspired many artists. Rasa offers manifold possibilities for artistic work, but also for the quiet phases that stand at the beginning of many creative processes. With the Casa dell'Arte, artists now have their own home in Rasa.

An artists' residence with three to four rooms and several studio spaces has emerged from the cooperation of various partner organisations and is affiliated to the Campo Rasa guesthouse.

The offer is aimed at professional and semi-professional artists and cultural workers of all disciplines who need a space for a creative retreat or are looking for exchange in the community. Christian congregations can also send artists to Rasa for a project that will then be used in the congregation.

The length of stay can be planned individually from one week to several months.


Price per week for occupancy by two individual artists: CHF 250.- per person*

Weekly rate for exclusive use: CHF 500* (max. 5 persons)

Monthly price for occupancy by two individual artists: CHF 800.- per person*

Monthly price for exclusive use: CHF 1'600.-* (max. 5 persons)

*The offer includes: Stay in a single room incl. own studio space and use of all common rooms of Casa dell'Arte. It is possible to have meals in the adjacent Campo Rasa during the hotel season. E.g. morning and evening meals at a flat rate of CHF 90 per week. Purchase of food and other extras and variations on request. Travel and equipment are the responsibility of the participants. For detailed information on space and occupancy options, please contact us without obligation! Stays are also possible in the winter half-year at special conditions.


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