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[All Nations] Arts for a Better Future Training

Consider expanding your creative palette of tools for cross-cultural community arts engagement, and learn how to be a better catalyst for co-creation and encourage local artistry in your community.

The Arts for a Better Future course is focused on community arts for God‘s purposes and how to create local artistry. It is currently a 5 day course held every year at All Nations Christian College UK in July (10-15 July 2022). If you would like to experience a shorter online taste and see option to explore a little further, then you can (2-3 hours).

Who is the Training For?

Artists, creative practitioners, community outreach workers, arts advocates, church leaders, worship leaders, mission leaders and teams, students. ABF training is great to take as an individual, but even better with a team so you can explore and plan together, and leave the course with plans for communities you care about.

Training Content

  • Arts with God

  • Community Arts

  • Arts and the Kingdom of God

  • Exploring and Researching Artistic Events

  • Understanding Artistic Genres in Cultural Contexts

  • Relating Artistically to the Church and its Cultural Context

  • Integrating and Celebrating Artistic Community Events

  • Extending Your Skills for Cross-Cultural Arts Ministry.

Training Resource

Brian Schrag's books Community Arts for God’s Purposes (short version) and Creating Local Arts Together: A Manual to Help Communities Reach Their Kingdom Goal, serve as the course material.


Interested in earning course credits? ABF is CPD accredited: Continuing Professional Development to enable you to gain valuable and recognized credit for the course.

More Information:

Word Rap with Dr Jill Ford about the ABF-course:

Does this approach devalue the creative gift?

JF: No, we are encouraging the community to use the creativity and artistry that already exists among them, if anything we are affirming the creative gifts of the community. We teach that when you meet a community you are often trying to access the most known artists within the community and highest level of artistry.

Does it present the art as a utilitarian/tool for preaching or declaring the gospel?

JF: No, not every kingdom goal is about preaching the gospel, but affirming identity, reconciliation, healing, educational, social justice it’s so much bigger!

It is possible we end up using the language of religion instead of the language of arts?

JF: No, which is why step 4 exists for analysis. We want to become fully conversant and understanding of a local art from- which is an expression of incarnational love.

How do we encourage our brothers and sisters in using their creative gift?

JF: Be with, learn from, work toward. together! That’s it! The course is about encouraging others to use their creative gifts not necessarily your own. The 7 conversations allow for that.


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