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[Arts+CH] Congratulations to Richard Koechli for the PrixPlus 2022 and to Nadine Seeger for the 2022

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Richard Koechli has been working as a successful guitarist, singer-songwriter and book author for 32 years. In "Holy Blues", the award-winning Lucerne native (Swiss Blues Award, Swiss Film Music Award for "Der Goalie bin ig", German Music Edition Award) provides a precise look at the history of gospel music and shows in a fascinating way how decisively the Christian faith has shaped the most diverse musical styles over the centuries and still inspires them today. Koechli on "Holy Blues": "With this book and music album, I want to give something back, because without Jesus, my journey as a human being and as a musician would have become an odyssey."

Nadine Seeger installs three-dimensional drawings in large spaces. Paper webs are painted with ink in meditative, repetitive brush movements. The room-specific installation of the webs creates colour spaces and invites the viewer to move performatively within them. Parallel to this, miniatures are created in diary-like painting. In several publications, produced in collaboration with her brother Xandi Bischoff, she deals in depth with the theme of spirituality on a non-verbal level. The core concern of her work is the examination of what it means to be human. She finds access to this through her intensive body work. She develops interdisciplinary concepts with musicians, actresses and authors.


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