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Next Arts+Europe Zoom-Gathering Saturday, 16th October 2021

For leaders and representatives of Christian-based Art initiatives and ministries in Europe.

A great opportunity for arts leaders around Europe to gather once again via Zoom to deepen relationships, welcome new people and share what is happening currently in your ministries. A chance to learn from each other’s experiences.

Methods and Questions


We are very thankful for the growing Arts+ Europe community and for the wider global interest developing… which is amazing. Thanks for your collaboration and support.


In our last call in May 14, leaders across the globe participated, representing 20 countries.

Read a short report and the final blessing and watch the video of our Panel discussion here.

Methods and Questions:

In our calls during this challenging year 2021 we want particularly to foster 

“connection” and “collaboration” through: 

  • simply getting together,

  • listening to one and another,

  • sharing our successes and failures that we experience

  • building regional alliances and language groups all over Europe and beyond etc.

Target Group:

Arts+Europe invites leaders and representatives of Christian Art Initiatives and individual artists who have a passion for networking and for the common goal of forward progress in the sphere of the arts and faith. 

Our October-Speaker: 

As part of our zoom gathering  Jill Ford will be offering insight into an effective training model for cross-cultural community arts engagement,

so that you can and learn how to be a better catalyst for co-creation and encourage local artistry in your community.

Jill is an Arts Programme Leader, Lecturer and Tutor at All Nations since 2002. Her background is music, theatre and performing arts and experience in teaching, performing, conducting, directing and orchestral playing. She has designed and developed the Arts modules for the All Nations curriculum at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has introduced a variety of creative projects and events at the college, including multicultural worship. Jill has recently completed a Doctorate in Worship Studies at the Robert Webber Institute in Jacksonville, Florida.

Target Group
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Time Zone
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The call will take place via Zoom on Saturday, 16th October from 16:00-18:00 (Central European Summer Time). 

Please allow approximately 2 hours for the meeting. 

We encourage you to be online 10 minutes prior to that, so that we can start on time.   Registration is required! (See below)

Check your time zone:

Pacific Daylight Time (Vancouver/Canada):  7am

Central Daylight Time (USA: Minnesota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin):  9am

Eastern Daylight Time (e.g. USA: North Carolina, Canada: Toronto, Woodstock):  10am

British Summer Time (e.g. United Kingdom):  15:00

Central European Summer Time (e.g. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland):  16:00

Eastern European Summer Time (e.g. Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania):  17:00


  • Welcome and Introduction

  • Training Session (Jill Ford)

  • Stories of collaboration​

  • Break out sessions

  • 5 min break

  • Feed back round with top thoughts

  • Arts+Europe: Update, Resources, Partner, Events

  • Final Announcements

  • Blessing / Prayer

Registration is closed now!







Executive Leadership Team:

John M. Baker, Dianne Collard, Jill Ford, Jim Mills, Beat Rink, 

Verena Schnitzhofer, Krisztina Tarjányi, Amy Williams

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