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Arts+Europe Annual Gathering 2024


Thursday, 17th October 2024 -
Sunday, 20th October 2024
in Vilnius / Lithuania

Photo Credit: Shark Ovski |

For leaders and representatives of Christian-based Art initiatives and ministries in Europe.


A great opportunity for arts leaders around Europe to gather again live in Vilnius (Lithuania) to deepen relationships, welcome new people and share what is happening currently in your ministries. A chance to learn from each other’s experiences. We also want to nourish RoundTables in the Baltics.



We are very thankful for the growing Arts+ Europe community

and for the wider global interest developing… which is amazing.

Thanks for your collaboration and support.

Schedule (draft):

  • “Morning devotions” by XYZ

  • Interactive teaching sessions:

    • Arts and the Church: How to help churches to include good arts & artists?” with Beat Rink??

    • Arts and Society: How to mark a Christian presence in the society / in the art market place?” with Jim Mills??

  • Practical RoundTable (RT) lessons (you can choose one):

1) Launching a new RT,

2) Help! I'm stuck with my current RT

3) Involving the next generation in my RT

  • Friday Evening: Arts night with Baltic Artists and Musicians

  • Saturday Afternoon: we have reserved for small groups meetings in the old town: meet Lithuanians, encourage fellow artists or simply rest.

  • Saturday Evening: Arts night with Baltic Artists and Musicians

  • Sunday Morning: we will celebrate the Lord together and receive a benediction to empower us for our work/ministry/tasks back home.


Target Group:

Arts+Europe invites leaders and representatives of Christian Art Initiatives and individual artists who have a passion for networking and for the common goal of forward progress in the sphere of the arts and faith. 

Our Speakers: 

add description and names here, add photos

Dates and Times:

Arrival: We will start on Thursday, 17 October with Dinner at 18:30 o'clock. Please make sure you have arrived in the Hotel by 18:00 at the latest.


Departure: We will finish on Sunday, 20 October at 12:30 o'clock (optionally you could stay for lunch).

Conference Venue and Hotel:

Domus Maria Hotel, Aušros Vartų g. 12, Vilnius, 01303 Vilnius.

Website-link of Domus Mari

We have made reservations for us all. Therefore simply register via our registration form (see button below) and we will take care of your booking. Please indicate in the Registration form with whom you would prefer to share a room. If no name is mentioned, we will allocate a person of the same sex.

Target Group
Our Speakers
Dates and Times
Edward Hopper-ed.jpg
Conference Venue and Hotel

Costs (per person for 3 nights) and Room Options:

  • Single Room (includes Conference fee): €

  • Double Room (includes Conference fee): €

  • Quadruple (=4 Beds, includes Conference fee): €

The costs comprehend accomodation and breakfast, coffee breaks and a very small conference fee to cover the rental costs of the meeting hall.  Sum to be paid on the spot in Vilnius, in cash only!

Additional Costs for Lunches and Dinners:

We will take lunches and dinners out in town: there are many smaller cafes, bistros and restaurants around the Domus Maria. Please consider that these payments are not included in the conference costs mentioned above and are therefore, individual costs - to by paid by you directly at the consumation of your choice.

Cancellation Fee:



Deadline: 15. August 2024







Executive Leadership Team:

John M. Baker, Dianne Collard, Jill Ford, Jim Mills, Beat Rink, 

Zdravka Samsonova-Stefanova, Verena Schnitzhofer, Krisztina Tarjányi, Amy Williams

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